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Amongst Myselves music is now available as digital downloads and physical media from Bandcamp -

Note - please go to the bottom of the page where there are purchasing suggestions based on regions.

The Past Is Another Country - release in October 2014 - SG-17

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Ambient, Landscape and Space - released March 2012 - SG-16

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Fragments - release in November 2010 - SG-15

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Auburn Silhouette - released on April 10th 2007 - SG-14

Auburn Silhouette cover artwork
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Sacred Black - released in 2003 - SG-13

Sacred Black Cover Artwork
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Still Life - released in 2001 - SG-12

Still Life Album Artwork
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The Sun In The Bottle - released on 1999 - SG-11

The Sun In The Bottle Cover Artwork
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If you want to buy the physical CD

I encourage you to buy directly from Amongst Myselves (via your PayPal account). This certainly is a better way of supporting my work OR if you'd prefer you can buy from CD Baby and it's affiliates. Both set of links are below and are clearly labelled.
* Note that Non-Australian purchasers should use the PayPal-Int button.

If you want to purchase digital files of the audio

Then your best option is via your normal digital supplier or Itunes and CD Baby but there are numerous affiliates you can also purchase from.

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