FloriVoxTron - The end in sight

 This project has been going for about 3 years now. It's a sample playback synth. 16 note polyphony split between a total of four different voices. This synth is stereo from the start. Each note is a independent sample which is stereo. There are two signal paths on this unit. The first three voices pass through individual stereo VCAs which each have a stereo. Each VCA has a dual LFO with multiple waveforms. The signal then passes through a valve overdrive unit and onto a stereo CEM3340 filter configured to a Elka Synthex. We then pass into a stereo effects unit and into the final mixer onto the output buss. The other voice has a duplicate path without the valve overdrive.

The heart of the unit is the Robertsonics Tsunami Wav Player.

This machine is littered with LFO / ADSR modulators. More information when I worked out how stuff there is.

Here's a picture which shows the quite large case which contains numerous MCUs etc.

Not the most flattering shot - more to come