UM30 Mixer

UM30 Mixer - Art View

What is the UM30 Mixer's purpose - let's step back in time first
The UM30 Mixer came from an origin idea to make a new and larger matrix mixer which would replace the UM13 Matrix…

MIDI Analyser

Having started a band which relied heavily of midi and midi sync we started to run into problems like "who's triggering my keyboard ?".
Since I'd recently made an Arduino based MIDI merger I thought a small project like a…

UM11 Dolly

The UM11-MOCON is probably the be all and end all for me. The initial map for this unit is to have a key frame based time-lapse and real time motion control computer. 
The track of this unit is a modified…

UM12 Motion Control Hand Controller - Version D

UM12vD Mocon Hand Controller The Hardware

The UM12 hand controller is based around an Arduino Mega2560 processor. The Mega2560 uses the larger Atmega 2560 which has more RAM and digital inputs and outputs to name just a few.
The various…

UM27-LCU - Lighting control units

UM27-LCU - Overall View UM27-LCU - close view of controls

These unit are designed to control two light units. One is a standard 5v USB type light and the other is a specifically modified 60 led unit. The two units…

UM25-RFVM - Video Monitor

This is my Video Monitor for monitoring the video output of my Canon 5D mk2 DSLR.
It's a cheap LCD display which has an old style composite video input. This was originally inside the UM12 motion control controller unit. Things…

UM28-CTH - Camera Telescope and Heater Controller

This unit was planned after I found myself on a timelapse trip where I needed to power a camera beyond the life of a standard camera battery and I wasn't using the UM12 motion control unit. The UM12 motion control…

UM17 - Battery Manager

This small units purpose is to supply an uninterrupted power supply on the output from the two connected batteries on the inputs.
So the decision to make the UM17 battery switcher was made as a way to avoid one large…

UM19vB and C - SLA Battery Units

The UM19vB and C are almost identical sealed  lead acid battery units designed to supply a large amount of power within a portable unit for use with the UM11/12 motion control timelapse camera rig in remote areas. These new battery…

UM-XN1 Digital Effects Unit

My latest "working" project is the UM-XN1 Digital Effects Unit. It uses the Spin Semiconductor's FN-1 DSP chip mounted and sold via Experimental Noize on an end user module. These modules come in 4 variations aimed at guitar effects processors…

UM20 - Studio Power Switcher

This is a project that I've had in the background for several years. The basic function is to automatically control the power of several parts of my music studio with the idea of saving power.
So there are three 240vac…