Therematron - The Base Panel

The CNC Router that I purchased earlier in the year was to cover several purposes - create printed circuit boards, cut wood for cases and the like and also to cut front panels for projects.

There has been quite a…

Therematron - The Case

At last I have almost completed the case for the Therematron. The process of creating this case was a test case for using the CNC router to make all the pieces of a wooden case which will have no nails…

CNC Router PCB

It has been a while since I worked on the Therematron synthesizer and one of the reasons for this was I was waiting on some parts for the CNC router that would allow me to create the printed circuit board…

Therematron - where the trouble starts !

Recently I got together some friends with the intention of creating a Kraftwerk cover band. It's going well but one of the ideas we stressed with regards to performance is that we would use analog gear as much as possible…

UM16 SLA Battery Charger

This is the UM16 multiple SLA battery charger that I designed specifically to charge multiple 12v SLA batteries which will be used with my UM12 motion control camera system. These are in the form of three dual 18Ah 12v SLA…

UM14 - Arduino based Step Sequencer

While making the SBE2 unit I realised that a great addition would be a step sequencer. So my definition of what I would like in such a unit started.

The UM14 is made to work with the SBE2 in mind…

Sound Box Effets 2 - Project Completed

I'm happy to now announce that the Sound Box Effets 2 is finished.

About 3 months ago I came across a problem where the Music From Outer Space SVF boards were not operating as I expected them to. They were…

The wiring stage

Here is the front panel wiring almost complete. The only missing parts are the four led chaser circuits that sit where the sequence of holes are placed at the top of the panel.