• Started the FloriVoxTron synthesizer - it will take a while to finish.


  •  Amongst Myselves' composer of the month in March - Galactic Travels - played all albums


  • Designed and build start of the Therematron - combination of a Theremin, two VCO synth and echo effects unit


  • finished 9 months of work on sound creation, final mix and delivery for 100 minute low budget feature "Bianca". 
  • completed 6 months construction on Sound Box Effets 2 - experimental synthesizer combining several MFOS sound modules


  • commissioned works for the Adelaide band, Monkey Puzzle Trees CD launch for Praeda Maris. Video and Music 
  • commissioned piece "The Future of Franz" for the 60x60 (2012) Pacific Rim Mix 
  • Ambient, Landscape and Space achieved highest chart position of 26 at Zone Music Reporter


  • Fragments ranked 81st of 100 top 2011 - out of 2300 recordings on Zone Music Reporter 
  • Fragments in ZMR charts for 6 months 
  • Filmed and composed music and produced the 15 minute film "Silent Land" for Greening Australia's "Living Flinders" project launch at the Royal Institute. 
  • Nominated for Best Electronic and Best Ambient album for Fragments at ZoneMusic Reporter


  • Fragments listed as one of the Best of 2010 for Australia's ABC Radio National - Quiet Space program 
  • Release of "Fragments" - Amongst Myselves' 5th album


  • Sound Design and final mixes on two short films for Tropfest - "Birthday Blowout" and "Extreme Measures" for Adam Carter and Adam Watson. 
  • "He Who Bathes In The Black Sun" made available to Stephen Philips of Dark Duck records for his Drone Download Project 
  • Music, Video Editing & Final Product delivery for "Two Hands Wines - Harvest TV Series". A series of 3 to 8 minute films showcasing Two Hands Wines wine making. Originally intended for their www site but was eventually used for DVD and promotional use in the USA. 
  • two field recording commisions for Roger Mills installation piece "Idea of South" - two field recorded pieces 
  • Entered the piece "Humbert-de-Romans" into the CCuE xxvii - University of Concordia Electro-Accoustic performance "plugged"


  • Music and Audio for student mini-series production titled "Taking Umbrage" 
  • Sound consultant on short film "Journey of the Heart". Advising and teaching new editor about the use of audio and music in film / tv drama productions 
  • Track for Arthur C. Clarke compilation cd - used Relics of an Early Universe from the Still Life release 
  • Commissioned track for Spanish radio program Ultimiae Frontier to be included on Lost Frontiers.org - Sampler 11 - Track "He Who Bathes In The Black Sun"