An Abandoned Day

Audio CD SG-19 - release by Amongst Projects 2023

all tracks by steve roberts
synths, guitars and electronics performed by steve roberts

created between 2020 and 2023 at springmount studio on the lands of the ngarrindjeri nation, australia 

mastered at safe and sound mastering by barry gardner 

marketed and distributed by amongst projects - 

special thanks to rachel for her love and support 

steve uses many custom synthesizers which can be viewed at

An Abandoned Day

Amongst Myselves

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These are profound aural musings not for the faint of heart that linger slightly in the realms of TD's primal early soundscaping ("Stratosphere", "Phaedra").” - Bert Strolenberg

Media Release

Media Release
An Abandoned Day by Amongst Myselves

The 2023 release from Australian composer, Steve Roberts aka. Amongst Myselves, explores endings. From changes in climate to the end of life.

Roberts has always embraced field recordings as part of his compositions and along with his hand-made electronic instruments he continues his quest to create compelling landscapes based on observations of the world and universe around him.

With its focus on endings, "An Abandoned Day" encompasses the end of environments, human life, the night sky and the universe. The compositions are more melodic in structure, taking a step away from drone to some degree but retaining the atmospheric characteristics he is known for.

This is the ninth release for Amongst Myselves, who started back in 1999 with his first release, "The Sun In The Bottle". He has consistently evolved with progressive works from "Still Life" through to "The Good Earth".

"An Abandoned Day" will be officially released on the 1st of December 2023. A glass mastered limited run of CDs  and high resolution downloads are available from Amongst Myselves' shop and Bandcamp,  along with all previous Amongst Myselves releases. Most streaming services offer all Amongst Myselves releases for your listening pleasure.

Contact: Steve Roberts - (+61) 417 846 720

An Abandoned Day is a triumph for Steve Roberts, and the music is poignant, intimate, and at times lonely, but it is always comforting in the end.” - Michael Foster

Ambient Visions

The Journey

"An Abandoned Day" focuses on endings. The end of environments, human life, light and the universe. Us humans have made use of this planet beyond its ability to survive. All life is feeling the impact and eventually all of humanity, not just to less privileged, will suffer heavily unless something is done to stop and reverse this assault. Our connection with the environment has been lost as has our connection with the night and the universe. We only see the universe as something to conquer and now somewhere to escape the mess we have created on this planet, the only planet that can sustain life that we know of, Earth.

The Winds of April 
Winds of change - the seasons are no longer as we remember from our childhood. Things have changed. 

Instruments - FloriVoxTron vocals and a very mangled old gas bottle for the background atmosphere 

Silent Spring
Rachel Carson wrote about the growing concerns of environment change due to over use of agricultural chemicals in the early 1960s. The winds have come and the land is unable to regenerate by itself. Land laid waste. 

Instruments - Gretsch Baritone Guitar, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Stratocaster, Line6 Pod Pro, Therematron doing the background atmosphere with lots of effects 


End of Nights 
Humans have create light pollution which hides the night sky. As are cities grow we seem to need have the lights left on when they are not needed when most people are asleep. These lights block our view of the stars and therefore our place in the universe. 

Instruments - Solaris, Vocalise VSTi, Session Horns VSTi, Vocalisa VSTi 


Lost Beach
The warming of the oceans melts the polar ice caps and the sea levels rise. Those beaches of my childhood are soon to be no longer. For many people on low lying islands, this means there homes will no longer exist. 

Instruments  - FloriVoxTron, Kinetic Metal VSTi 

Field Recordings - Dusk on Coongie Lakes, Suburban Thunderstorm, Flinders Ranges Windmill 


One Day Remains
How long before only One Day Remains. For an individual human, it becomes closer by the day. For the human race that day might be coming quicker than hoped. 

Instruments - FloriVoxTron, Solaris, Absynth VSTi 


The Dark Matter Reefs
Here, clinging to existence, are the last vestiges of the human race from the planet, Earth. Many thousands of generations now deep into time and space. The stars have mostly gone. Earth is a distant legend. But how have they treated the other planets they have occupied? 

Instruments - Solaris, FloriVoxTron, Vocalisa, Kinetic Metal, Geosonics, Weird Sound Generator, 

Field Recordings - Howling Wind Through Doorway, Gas Bottle Strikes, Tensioned Fence Wire, Old Solar Panel Stands, Galahs and other birds at Dusk in the Flinders Ranges, Thunder in the distance 


Fading Stellar Remnant
When a star has run out of gas to burn and expands through the giant stage, it dies. The final stage of the stars stellar evolution. The death of a star leaves behind white dwarfs, neutron stars and maybe even stellar-mass black holes. 

Instruments: Fog Convolver and Wormhole 


The Absent Pattern of Your Feet
Your companion and loved one has gone. Their memory is all that is left with you. The physical presence has gone to join all those others as dust particles in the universe. But their memory is will always be with you. Eventually you join them to be part of the building blocks of the universe. But you still miss their presence. 

The time for dreaming is over. 

Instruments: Solaris, FloriVoxTron, Geosonics, Streichfett 

Field Recordings: Gas Bottle Gongs, Chimes, Small Birds (Belair National Park)