Still Life

Audio CD SG-12 - released by RMC Records 2001

all tracks written by steve roberts 
produced by amongst myselves 
recorded & mixed between july 1999 and may 2000 @ skycastle studios, henley beach, australia. 
mastered at disk edits by neville clarke 
“how I love your eyes, my friend” written by fyodor tyutchev on “Ra’s Playground” read by katya babourina 
special thanks to rachel, dave, the old grump, nina and rosalie. 
marketing assistance by anne george 
manufactured, marketed and distributed by RMC & amongst myselves

If you could spend time staring at the sun without pain, these are the sounds that might fill your head. ” - Jon Ray - The Last Sigh - 26 November, 2000

Still Life

Amongst Myselves

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It is good, as always, to welcome a new local talent ­Amongst Myselves hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and produces a well-developed atmospheric ambience. ” - Jeremy Keens -

Media Release


Described as a new journey into the world of ambient trance/drone, the second release from Amongst Myselves, ‘Still Life’ will take listeners on their own personal journey. 

Australian ambient musician, Steve Roberts, says ‘Still Life’ reflects a more calm part of his life. 

This release follows ‘Sun in the Bottle’, which heralded Roberts’ emergence onto the Ambient scene in 1999. An 11-track journey into self-realisation and reflection, ‘Sun in the Bottle’ was well received by the critics and setting the scene for a successful second release from this solo composer. 

While this album does reflect a calm part of my life, there are certainly some tracks that still send shivers down my spine, said Roberts. 

Once again, Roberts has drawn on very personal experiences in his composition. ‘Encounter at the Bay’, reflects experiences from his own childhood spent on the south coast of South Australia. 

The release has already been met with critical acclaim by critics from both Australia and the USA. 

Jon Ray, from Lastsigh says Still Life is a recommended headphone experience. There is a fine balance between sadness and hope here overall it reminds me of slow motion montages, he said. 

Powerspot FM host, Hans Stoeve, says that Still Life "aims at a sense of serenity, a quiet space one can retreat to and float away with." 

From "one long sheet of sound" to "the sound of afterburners almost vibrating my Epos speakers off their stands", Stoeve’s review highlights the various elements of the release, that he believes could be interpreted as "new age" or "space music" by listeners. 

Highlights from the album include ‘Ra’s Playground’ and ‘Safe in Narwang Baru’.

The Journey

Ra's Playground - On a quiet Sunday afternoon in Autumn, Ra is reflecting on all the inspiring locations on Earth that she has travelled to and the plans she continually makes to take her to far away places she has yet to discover. 

The Ground Melts - With the launch of the Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft came the last chance for the dreams of space scientists to see the other known worlds in the Solar System close up. 

Ship Of Dreams - Voyager 1 & 2 are now millions of kilometres from each other and their mother Earth. As they traverse the empty space between the planets they continually send back postcards of their travels. 

Encounter At The Bay - My grandparents live down the road from this wonderful bay that I would visit at least every month. Pirates hide their treasure here, wars were fought here, many whales were hunted here, large storms took sailors lives, giant octopus roamed the depths among the giants sharks. Well they did in my 10 year old mind. 

Shepherds Of The Rings - The ambient resonance of the small moonlets that orbit between the rings of Saturn known as the "Shepherds of the Rings". 

Darkness - The mind can trick the sanest of us. One small paranoia can turn into a lifestyle. 

Safe in Nawang Baru - For once in many days Eric feels at ease after trekking through parts of the Upper Kayan River region in Borneo that no white man has tread. If someone stopped him he knew he'd be in trouble. The locals know that only a 'bali saleng' - an evil spirit - walks in the forest alone - he looks like a tall white man. 

Lowell's Legacy - Many scientists believed the changing shadows on Mars were crops growing and being harvested. 

Relics of an Early Universe - Scientists have found stuff evidence in the universe that are legacies of the origins of the Universe.