The Good Earth

Audio CD SG-18 - release by Amongst Projects 2020

all tracks by steve roberts
synths, guitars and electronics played by steve roberts
created between march 2013 and april 2019
at springmount studio, hindmarsh valley, australia

Front cover drawing of a
Dickinsonia Costata by Aleksey Nagovitsyn
mastered at disk-edits by neville clark
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contact -
as always, thanks to rachel for her love and support

The Good Earth

Amongst Myselves

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    Ikara 7:15
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As vast as the soundscapes feel, we find that there are only two people in The Good Earth - the musician, and you the listener.” - Chuck Van Zyl / Star's End Radio

Media Release

The Good Earth by Amongst Myselves 

The 2020 release from Australian composer, Steve Roberts aka. Amongst Myselves, takes you on a wander through the history of an Australian landscape and its inhabitants. From the first signs of life to humans looking towards their future in the stars. 

Roberts continues to embrace more organic electronic sounds and textures and has taken a more improv approach to The Good Earth - "most tracks are based around live sessions I've recorded over the past few years in part thanks to my home built synths", said Roberts. He says the restrictions of software based synths detract from bringing often fleeting ideas to life.

Roberts is very proud of the inclusion of his 20 minutes long timelapse film, "On The Margins", which takes a high definition visual perspective of the track of the same name. Filmed over five years, in and around his beloved Flinders Ranges in the north of South Australia, we feel the presence of former inhabitants of abandoned buildings who took the land to its limit and the seemingly unchanging heavens that overlook them.

This, the eighth release for Amongst Myselves, who started composing in 1999 with his first release, "The Sun In The Bottle" and has consistently evolved with progressive works from Still Life through to The Past Is Another Country.

"The Good Earth" will be released world-wide on the 24th of March 2020. CD copies will be available from Amongst Myselves' shop, CD Baby,  and can be ordered though most cd stores. Digital downloads can be purchased from iTunes, CD Baby and all CD Baby affiliates via the Amongst Myselves' web site or directly. 

Contact: Steve Roberts - (+61) 417 846 720 

“The Good Earth” is a captivating yet intense audio travelogue for the experienced ambient aficionado offering currents of contrasting electronic, primordial and natural ambiences evaporating remote and primordial vibes as it unfolds.” - Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

The Journey

Ediacara - Geologist and founder of Arkaroola Sanctuary, Reg Sprigg, discovered fossil imprints in rocks around the low hills of the western Flinders Ranges at the old Ediacara minefield. Fossilised remains of an entire community of soft-bodied creatures had never been found in such abundance anywhere in the world. A new period was named as the Ediacaran Period. The fossils preserved the first known multicellular animal life on Earth that predates the Cambrian. 


On The Margins - move to the current time. Another desolate landscape made barren by humans who misunderstood this new territory that their explorers had made claim for their homeland. The houses of many generations of settlers, now in ruin as the land no longer has the fertility to grow their imported crops and sustain the human's interest. This ancient land will regenerate as it's been here for much longer than the settlers. The stars will still overlook this land as has its original inhabitants and Traditional Owners whose stories of this land go back almost 100,000 years compared to the settler's quite recent coming some 150 years ago. 


Ikara - The Adnyamathanha people are the Traditional Owners of Ikara. The name Ikara is what they called Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges before the white man came. The Adnyamathanha people have a continued strong, cultural and spiritual connection to this land and for them Wilpena Pound (Ikara) is a very sacred place and they ask that visitors respect their beliefs. The Adnyamathanha belief systems tell of the creation of their traditional lands, they tell of spiritual snakes making up the walls of the Pound. 


A Catalogue of Nights - Earth has come and will go but the stars will remain although themselves are constantly changing. Here in the outback the skies are so clear that the stars and in particular the Milky Way hang in the sky to light the endless, surrounding lands. The Southern Cross is always in the southern sky and rotates around the southern celestial pole making it visible all year round. 


All The Life We've Lived - There's a saying that goes "mourn the dead when you are old". But what if you can never get old or die ? Immortality has fascinated people forever it would seem - the afterlife is considered just another stage in for a person's soul - we die in this world and are transported to another world to live forever. How could / does the mind deal with this endlessness ? 


I'd Hoped There'd Be Stars - The promise that I'd finally see the stars. Billions of years from now. But they are gone. The universe is so old now that most of the stars have died. Will the universe restart or reboot at some stage or is this end ? Scientists of the past talked about a point when the ever expanding universe will start to reverse and the next big bang will happen when the universe shrinks to a point. How many times has this happened ? Has this always happened since the beginning ? Was there ever a beginning ?

One of the best Dark Ambient album I heard in a long time” - Sylvain Lupari