Sound Box Effets 2 - Project Completed

I'm happy to now announce that the Sound Box Effets 2 is finished.

About 3 months ago I came across a problem where the Music From Outer Space SVF boards were not operating as I expected them to. They were both operating the same so I came to the conclusion that I didn't like their sound. Not being knowledgeable enough to make changes to the circuit I decide to replace them. So I now needed to find a replacement which used the same controls and jacks as the front panel was completed. The answer was literally staring me in the face - I already had a PAIA VCF module which has exactly the same controls.

Last month I purchased the kit from Scott and built this up last week. The unit almost functioned correctly on first power up once I realised the signal and power grounds needed to be connected together for my purpose.I had a couple of pots backwards as well but that was soon fixed. Oddly though the first VCF has a greater reaction to control voltages than the second but I am not concerned with this. I could probably spend a few days trying to hunt the issue down.

So it's now complete and sounds great. But you know I now realise it's failings but that was going to happen. But that's another story.

The next story - The UM14 - Arduino based Step Sequencer